About Benjamin Jenks 🤓

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My Story

I first went to India in January of 2018 for a spiritual retreat and fell in love with it.

When I would wake up, I love getting a hot masala chai, then grabbing my camera and taking photographs on the streets. I was especially curious about the sadhus draped in orange clothing who lived on the streets near the holy mountain where I was staying…

After moving back to Austin, I spent the next 8 months working online and enjoying my life in the “Live Music Capital of the World.” But I couldn’t get India out of my mind, so when my lease ran out I bought a one-way ticket to India, sold my stuff and moved here.

I’ve Been Working Online Since 2009

My journey actually started in 2009 though, when I started working as a freelance writer. I had been online dating at the time and meeting some nice people, so when I saw a writing gig for a dating coach in Phoenix, I applied and got the job.

I was fortunate to get that position… This led to many other gigs in the dating industry and before I knew it I was writing for publications as varied as women’s health magazines to your typical “how to pick up girls” websites for men.

Then in 2014, I started working for an online matchmaking company and I really liked the work and the team. Within two years, I was managing as many as 24 writers. In my time with the company, I have written +500 online dating profiles, sent +6,000 messages, and edited +5,000 dating profiles.

I loved training and working with the talented writers and creating systems to make our work easier and more efficient.

Then after working at the company for a year in India, I’ve been grateful to have the opportunity to leave the company and go full-time at my own company.

I’ve Been Traveling Since 1991

When I was in the sixth grade my Nana snuck me on a senior citizen tour (for the discount!) as we explored Portugal. Since then I’ve had a love affair with travel and been fortunate to:

  • Live in Melbourne, Australia.
  • Do a solo bike trip in the Netherlands.
  • Travel in the Dominican Republic.
  • Live in a trailer in the Baja Pennisula in Mexico for a month.
  • Live in a cabana in Tulum and the Yucatan Peninsula.
  • And I’ve hitchhiked over 25,000 miles around the USA and Canada.

While I was hitchhiking I ran an adventure travel blog that grew to +5,000 Youtube subscribers and +2,000 email subscribers. My work was featured on Vimeo’s Staff Picks, the Art of ManlinessOpens in a new tab., the Digital Photography SchoolOpens in a new tab., and more.

I eventually shut it down as I was busy freelance writing but I always knew I wanted to start another blog that would help other travelers have the amazing experiences that I’ve been lucky and fortunate to have.

Recognition, Experience & Awards

  • Bachelor’s of Science – Psychology from Michigan State University
  • Program Director – New Dominion School in Virginia
  • This is an amazing #travel videoOpens in a new tab..” -@nomadicmatt on Twitter
  • “THEE most interesting man in the world.” -samuel salazar (a Youtube commenter)
  • Manager of Writing Team at VIDASelect.com
  • “He’s so sweet,” my mom after complimenting her cooking

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